Expertise and skills



Since 1983, Viramed is one of the leading biotechnology companies for medical laboratory diagnostics. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of infectious and autoimmune serology, Viramed is a successful enterprise, specializing in the development, production and worldwide distribution of high quality diagnostics.


Viramed offers a broad spectrum of serologic in vitro-diagnostic assays to private laboratories, hospitals, universities, government institutions, private physicians and clinical reference centers. In addition to the ViraChip®, ViraStripe® and ViraBlot® Immunoblot assays, Viramed offers IFA, ELISA and rapid tests from international manufacturers.


Individual customer requirements are satisfied by a large variety of software and automative solutions in order to simplify the workflow in the laboratory.


Viramed’s excellent service record is characterized by a solution-driven, professional team with scientific background – quick advice by phone and mobile on-site solutions.


Viramed’s expertise also includes custom protein preparation and antigen purification - a performance service highly valued by renowned companies.




VM1The ViraChip®, ViraStripe® and ViraBlot®assays are quality multi-parameter tests enabling safe and reliable confirmatory diagnostics. Exact, clear test results are important to assist in subsequent clinical decisions.


ViraChip®, ViraStripe® and ViraBlot® combine innovative technology according to newest biotechnological standards for optimal test properties. The selection, production, and purification processes ofdiagnostically relevant antigens are based on scientific, state-of-the-art methods following leading edge research and quality guidelines.


Relevant diagnostic antigens are transferred by “state of the art” methods to test membranes as defined localized bands with consistency and assurance.


Die ViraChip® Software serves as interface for seemless communication between the processor and the camera systems: ViraChip® Scanner und ViraChip® Reader. A bidirectional connection to the LIS is also possible und thus a save data import and data export.


Beside ViraBlot® and ViraStripe® tests, the ViraScan® software enables universal interpretation of immunoblots. Call for a list of compatible assay systems.

Used in combination with the ViraCam® scanner, this is an innovative platform for digital evaluation, archiving and data transfer to laboratory information systems.


Viramed holds several keystone patents in Europe and the US and we are proud that some Viramed tests are recognized as industry standards in the medical-diagnostic field.


Company philosophy



Our goal is to find fast and reliable answers for our customers’ diagnostic questions, to ease routine laboratory workflow, and to increase efficiency in the laboratory.


The needs and opinions of our customers are of great importance for us. Collaboration with academic and industry leaders are our base for present and future dynamic development at Viramed.


Our commitment to innovative test formats and new test parameters combined with customer oriented business strategies is part of the Viramed concept. The successful Viramed strategy is to present innovative system solutions and facilitate safe, reliable diagnostics – to your satisfaction.


Our goal is to contribute positively to the quality of life by constant improvements – because any therapy is only as good as the diagnosis.