All bacterial antigens produced by Viramed Biotech AG have their origin in selected clinically relevant strains. Bacteria are cultured under standardised and optimised large scale conditions and are ideal suited for downstream processing.

All antigens are produced and purified according to strict quality guidelines for high quality in vitro diagnostics, usable in routine or  research laboratories.



Borrelia afzelii - whole cell lysat

Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto - whole cell lysat

Borrelia garinii - whole cell lysat

Helicobacter pylori - whole cell lysat

Yersinia species - purified YOPs 



Order No.
Product descritpion
V-BAUUAG Borrelia afzelii antigen 1 mg
V-BBUUAG Borrelia burgdorferi s.s. antigen 1 mg
V-BGUUAG Borrelia garinii antigen 1 mg
V-HPUUAG Helicobacter pylori antigen 1 mg
V-YSUUAG Yersinia species antigen 1 mg