Triple section IFA


Indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) for qualitative and quantitative detection of anti-nuclear IgG autoantibodies (ANA) from serum or plasma.

Substrate: rat sections (kidney, liver, stomach)


Kidney - homogenous                  Liver - nucleolar                            Stomach - pariental cells


Order No. Product description Unit
C2196L Triple section IFA Testkit, rat liver / kidney / stomach, 12x8 wells 96 tests
C1202L* ANA HEp2 IFA positive control serum, homogenous pattern 1.0 ml
C2202L* Mitochondrien (AMA) positive control serum 1.0 ml
C3202L* Smooth muscle (SMA) positive control serum 1.0 ml
C1000L* Autoantibodies IFA negative control serum 1.0 ml
C1501L* FITC-antihuman IgG conjugate, for Hep2 und rodent sections IFA, with Evans blue 0.3 ml

* on request