Anti-skin (ASA) IFA


Indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) for qualitative and quantitative detection of anti-skin IgG autoantibodies (ASA) from serum or plasma.

Substrate: monkey oesophagus sections



Anti-intracellular substance                                       Anti-basal membrane


Order No. Product description Unit
BS44560 Skin (ASA) IFA Testkit, monkey oesophagus sections (without positive control serum), 12x4 wells 48 tests
C5302L Intracellular substance positive control serum 1.0 ml
BS44562 Skin basal membrane positive control serum 0.3 ml
BS44696* Autoantibodies negative control serum 0.3 ml
BS44847 FITC-antihuman IgG conjugate, for primate sections IFA, with Evans blue 2.5 ml

* on request