Liver ViraChip® IgG Test Kit


The Liver ViraChip® IgG is a protein microarray for the qualitative detection of IgG autoantibodies against diagnostically relevant liver antigens in human serum.

As a miniaturized immunoblot based on an enzyme immunoassay, the Liver ViraChip® IgG uses purified liver-specific antigens: M2 mitochondrial complex (AMA-M2), core protein 100 kD (sp100), glycoprotein 210 kD (gp210), liver cytosolic antigen type1 (LC1), liver kidney microsomes (LKM-1) and soluble liver antigen (SLA).

The Liver ViraChip® IgG Test Kit is composed of 96 single breakable wells each placed in a standard microtiter plate. The test procedure can be performed with common ELISA processors. The
ViraChip® Software controls the entire process including the analysis of the test results.






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Product features


Specific spot triplet constellations
Differentiation and confirmation of autoimmune liver diseases


AMA-M2, sp100 and gp210
Diagnostic indicator for a primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC)


LC1 and LKM-1
Diagnostic indicator for an autoimmune hepatitis type 2


Diagnostic indicator for an autoimmune hepatitis type 3


All relevant controls are integrated within the Liver ViraChip® IgG test
Safe interpretation according to guidelines and recommendations in the laboratory routine



Fully automated procedure on ELISA processors


Automated evaluation with the ViraChip® Software




Order No. Product description
V-LICGOK Liver ViraChip®  IgG Test Kit 96 tests
V-LICGPK Liver ViraChip®  IgG Positive Control
330 μl
V-LICPNK Liver ViraChip®  IgG Negative Control 330 μl


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