Borrelia ViraChip ® IgG, IgM Test Kit


The Borrelia ViraChip® IgG and IgM are protein microarrays for the qualitative detection of Borrelia species antigens in human serum or CSF.


As a miniaturized immunoblot based on an enzyme immunoassay, the Borrelia ViraChip®IgG and IgM use purified specific antigens of Borrelia afzelii (PKo) and Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto as well as recombinant VlsE.


The Borrelia ViraChip® IgG and IgM Test Kits are composed of 96 single breakable wells each placed in a standard microtiter plate. The test procedure can be performed with common ELISA processors. The ViraChip® Software controls the entire process including the analysis of the test results. 






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Product features


VlsE - important diagnostic marker
Increased sensitivity in early stages of Lyme disease

Characteristic constellations of spot triplets
Differentiation between early and late stages of Lyme disease

All relevant controls are integrated on the Borrelia ViraChip® IgG and IgM
Safe interpretation according to valid guidelines and recommendations in the laboratory routine

High sensitivity by using native antigens in IgM
Serologic indication for an active infection

CSF analysis with 100μl sample material
Efficient use of valuable sample material when neuroborreliosis is suspected


Fully automated procedure on ELISA processors


Automated evaluation with the ViraChip® Software




Order No. Product description
V-BSCGOK Borrelia ViraChip® IgG Test Kit 96 tests
V-BSCGDK Borrelia ViraChip® IgG Deca Kit 960 tests
V-BSCMOK Borrelia ViraChip® IgM Test Kit 96 tests
V-BSCMDK Borrelia ViraChip®  IgM Deca Kit
960 tests
V-BSCGPK Borrelia ViraChip®  IgG Positive Control 330 μl
V-BSCMPK Borrelia ViraChip®  IgM Positive Control
330 μl
V-BSCPNK Borrelia ViraChip®  IgG,A,M Negative Control 330 μl


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