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ENA plus ViraStripe® IgG


The ENA plus ViraStripe® is a stripe immunoblot for the qualitative detection of specific IgG autoantibodies against six Extractable Nuclear Antigens (ENA) in human serum. Specific ENA autoantibodies of the most prominent collagenoses can be detected and and differentiated in a single run.

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Zika Virus ViraStripe® IgG, IgM


The Zika Virus ViraStripe® IgG, IgM is an immunoassay employing different Zika Virus antigens. Relevant antigens are striped onto the membrane at defined positions. Specific reactivities at multiple banding positions yield clear results to aid in the diagnosis of Zika Virus infections. Integrated negative control band, serum control, conjugate control and cut off control on each strip allow a safe, easy and reliable interpretation.

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Liver ViraStripe® IgG


The Liver ViraStripe® is an immunoassay for the differentiation and confirmation of chronic liver diseases like Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH) type 2 or type 3 as well as Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC). The Liver ViraStripe® provides qualitative evidence of the presence of IgG autoantibodies to specific and diagnostically relevant liver antigens. Each strip offers highest reliability by an integrated control system.

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Exhibitions / Congresses / Meetings



Herbsttagung des Berufsverbands Deutscher Laborärzte e.V.

21. September 2017– 22. September 2017





13th Dresden Symposium on Autoantibodies

27. September 2017 30. September 2017




Deutscher Kongress der Laboratoriumsmedizin
11. Oktober 2017 – 14. Oktober 2017





DELAB Fachtagung - Diagnose und Labor

10. November 2017 11. November 2017





Weltforum der Medizin

13. November 2017 16. November 2017





18. Klinisch-Mikrobiologisch-Infektiologisches Symposium

07. Dezember 2017 09. Dezember 2017