ViraChip® - Immunoblot

The ViraChip® is an immunoblot based on an enzyme-immunoassay in a microarray format, carrying highly purified specific antigens bound to nitrocellulose at defined positions. It is suited for the qualitative detection of antibodies against specific antigens in human serum


One microarray is fixed at the bottom of each well in a standard microtiter plate (MTP). The single breakable wells are stored in a holding frame with 96 positions. During the serum incubation step antigen-specific antibodies bind to the immobilised antigens, herein after referred to as spots, on the microarray. During the conjugate reaction, the AP-conjugate binds to the antigen-antibody complex. The alkaline phosphatase converts the chromogen/substrate and thus, stains the antigen-antibody complex on the microarray purple. The washing procedures following serum, conjugate and chromogen/substrate incubation steps remove unbound antibodies and reagents.


The control spots include serum controls, conjugate controls, calibrator controls and a negative control.



ANA KachelArbovirus KachelBordetella Kachel

Borrelia KachelBorreliaB31 KachelEBV Kachel

Helicobacter KachelHEV KachelLiver Kachel

ParvovirusB19 KachelTreponema KachelYersinia Kachel