Parvovirus B19 ViraChip ® IgG, IgM Test Kit


The Parvovirus B19 ViraChip® IgG and IgM are protein microarrays for the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against Parvovirus B19 antigens in human serum.


As a miniaturized immunoblot based on an enzyme immunoassay, the Parvovirus B19 ViraChip® IgG and IgM use purified specific linearised and conformational antigens. Due to the unique antigen combination, the
spot patterns correlate with phases of a Parvovirus B19 infection.


The Parvovirus B19 ViraChip® IgG and IgM Test Kits are composed of 96 single breakable wells each placed in a standard microtiter plate. The test procedure can be performed with common ELISAprocessors.
The ViraChip® Software controls the entire process including the analysis of the test results.





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Product features


The VP2* antigen as native virus-like particle
Sensitive detection of antibodies against Parvovirus B19


The VP2-C marker
Highly important to detect acute infections in IgG - fills the diagnostic gap


The NS1 antigen
Antibodies against NS1 are an indicator for a chronic infection


All relevant controls are integrated within the Parvovirus B19 ViraChip® IgG and IgM
Safe interpretation according to guidelines and recommendations in the laboratory routine


Weak positive controls available according to MiQ
Quality controls for weak antibody reactivities


Fully automated procedure on ELISA processors


Automated evaluation with the ViraChip® Software




Order No. Product description Units
V-PVCGOK Parvovirus B19 ViraChip®  IgG Test Kit 96 tests
V-PVCMOK Parvovirus B19 ViraChip®  IgM Test Kit
96 tests
V-PVCGWK Parvovirus B19 ViraChip®  IgG Weak Positive Control  330 μl
V-PVCMWK Parvovirus B19 ViraChip®  IgM Weak Positive Control 330 μl
V-PVCGPK Parvovirus B19 ViraChip®  IgG Positive Control  330 μl
V-PVCMPK Parvovirus B19 ViraChip®  IgM Positive Control
330 μl
V-PVCPNK Parvovirus B19 ViraChip®  IgG,A,M Negative Control  330 μl


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