HEV ViraChip ® IgG, IgM Test Kit


HEV ViraChip® IgG and IgM tests are protein microarrays for the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against Hepatitis E virus (HEV) antigens in human serum.

As a miniaturized immunoblot based on an enzyme immunoassay, the HEV ViraChip® IgG and IgM tests use purified antigens of HEV Genotype 1 and 3. These antigens include N-terminal (N) and C-terminal (C) fragments of

open reading frame 2 (ORF2) as well as the full-length-protein encoded by ORF3.

The HEV ViraChip® IgG and IgM Test Kits are composed of 96 single breakable wells each placed in a standard microtiter plate. The test procedure can be performed with common ELISA processors. The ViraChip® Software controls the entire process including the analysis of the test results.






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Product features


Antigens of both HEV genotypes 1 and 3
HEV genotype 3 infections are usually transmitted zoonotically in industrialised countries and HEV genotype 1 infections are usually transmitted by contaminated drinking water in endemic regions

HEV ViraChip® IgG avidity testing
Differentiation between acute and past infection


Analysis with different antigen fragments of the ORF2 capsid protein
Broad antigen pattern for an optimised sensitivity and specificity
All relevant controls integrated within the HEV ViraChip® IgG and IgM
Safe interpretation according to guidelines and recommendations in the laboratory routine

Fully automated procedure on ELISA processors


Automated evaluation with the ViraChip® Software




Order No. Product desription
V-HECGOK HEV ViraChip® IgG Test Kit 96 tests
V-HECMOK HEV ViraChip® IgM Test Kit 96 tests
V-HECGPK HEV ViraChip® IgG Positive Control  330 μl
V-HECMPK HEV ViraChip® IgM Positive Control
330 μl
V-HECPNK HEV ViraChip® IgG,A,M Negative Control  330 μl


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